About Us

Manual osteopath Dr Shahin Pourgol founded OSTEOPATHY TV in Toronto, Canada on January 28, 2014 as an instrument to increase the name recognition of osteopathy amongst the public while also increasing their health related knowledge. This is the first ever TV channel dedicated to osteopathic health care.

The main content of the programs of this TV is related to osteopathy. We use the help of osteopaths to create and bring topics to the public. The language of our programs is in English, however we are planning, once established to offer programs in other languages as well, specially Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Mandarin, Farsi, Italian, Greek, Arabic and Dutch.

The Osteopathy TV programs will be available for viewing by the public online through its website, Youtube and other social media. TV viewers in all countries would have free access to the programming.

All of our programming are advertisement free as we do not accept paid advertising. We are supported by the generous financial backing of the National Academy of Osteopathy (www.nationalacademyofosteopathy.com) and the National University of Medical Sciences (www.NUMSS.com).